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Multi Commander

A multi-tabbed file manager alternative to the standard Windows Explorer
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Despite every new Windows version comes with an improved built-in file explorer, some users still feel that it doesn´t support doing everything they need to do, that’s why alternative file managers, such as Multi Commander, are always welcomed. This tool resembles a modern version of the old two-pane Norton Commander, and as it is both attractive and intuitive, I´m sure you’ll feel quite comfortable using it. Still, consulting the accompanying help documentation is always a good idea.

The application is highly customizable as it allows setting your own mouse events and keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, the tool supports adding extensions that can expand its uses to a great extent. In relation to managing files and folders, besides the usual copy-and-paste operations, the program supports detecting duplicates, calculating a folder’s size and encrypting its contents. Luckily, various views, such as detailed, list or thumbnail, are available. The application even allows renaming batches of files, which is not possible with Windows Explorer.

Related to search operations the tool provides a quick search window, allowing many types of filters ranging from file size to extension. It was good to find out that the tool can actually search within networked folders and even secured FTP sites.

As to archiving, the application supports many extensions, such as ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ, and BZ2. However, it’s somewhat disappointing that it doesn’t allow exploring ISO image files. I was particularly impressed by an interesting feature that allows deleting single files and folders inside archives, which avoids the unnecessary steps of decompressing and compressing back again.

Regarding operations with media files, the tool allows viewing information about a movie, such as rating and genre. Moreover, it can connect to online databases, like IMDB, to retrieve additional information about it. In the case of pictures, it permits converting between formats.

In a nutshell, Multi Commander is an excellent tool for those willing to get the most of their operating system. Besides being very easy to use, this application has the main advantage of supporting much more features than the standard system tool. Since it´s also completely free, it won’t hurt to give it a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice and intuitive interface
  • It supports command line parameters
  • It has far more features than Windows file explorer
  • It supports plugins
  • It is compatible with multiple archive formats


  • It doesn´t open ISO files
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